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2018 | Hindi,Kannada,Telugu | Comedy, Drama | 1 Season - 10 Episodes | Watcho  |   U/A 13+

Three young bold beautiful and crazy girls are running a start-up called These girls are breaking the stereotype laid down by the society. They face numerous challenges in their profession cum personal lives....Read More

    Season 1

Episode 1-Fund RaisingEpisode 1-Fund Raising

Episode 1-Fund Raising

S1-Ep1 | Chhoriyan
Episode 2-Doubt on SexualityEpisode 2-Doubt on Sexuality

Episode 2-Doubt on Sexuality

S1-Ep2 | Chhoriyan
Episode 3-User Friendly RoomsEpisode 3-User Friendly Rooms

Episode 3-User Friendly Rooms

S1-Ep3 | Chhoriyan
Episode 4-Govt. Ban on PornEpisode 4-Govt. Ban on Porn

Episode 4-Govt. Ban on Porn

S1-Ep4 | Chhoriyan
Episode 5-Content CopyingEpisode 5-Content Copying

Episode 5-Content Copying

S1-Ep5 | Chhoriyan
Episode 6-Emotions Ki Maa Ki AankhEpisode 6-Emotions Ki Maa Ki Aankh

Episode 6-Emotions Ki Maa Ki Aankh

S1-Ep6 | Chhoriyan
Episode 7-Audit of LoveSuxEpisode 7-Audit of LoveSux

Episode 7-Audit of LoveSux

S1-Ep7 | Chhoriyan
Episode 8-Siyali Ke ExamsEpisode 8-Siyali Ke Exams

Episode 8-Siyali Ke Exams

S1-Ep8 | Chhoriyan
Episode 9-2 Ki 4Episode 9-2 Ki 4

Episode 9-2 Ki 4

S1-Ep9 | Chhoriyan
Episode 10-Dating DesireEpisode 10-Dating Desire

Episode 10-Dating Desire

S1-Ep10 | Chhoriyan
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