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2020 | Hindi,Kannada,Telugu | Thriller | 1 Season - 10 Episodes | Watcho  |   U/A 13+

Brought back together after 17 years of separation, sisters Aaina and Myra Bisht discover they have supernatural powers and start a brand-new journey with Ardhsatya – World’s First Detective Agency for the dead.

    Season 1

Episode 1-The ReunionEpisode 1-The Reunion

Episode 1-The Reunion

S1-Ep1 | Ardhsatya
Episode 2-The PowersEpisode 2-The Powers

Episode 2-The Powers

S1-Ep2 | Ardhsatya
Episode 3-The BetrayalEpisode 3-The Betrayal

Episode 3-The Betrayal

S1-Ep3 | Ardhsatya
Episode 4-The VisitorEpisode 4-The Visitor

Episode 4-The Visitor

S1-Ep4 | Ardhsatya
Episode 5-The JudgementEpisode 5-The Judgement

Episode 5-The Judgement

S1-Ep5 | Ardhsatya
Episode 6-The ObsessionEpisode 6-The Obsession

Episode 6-The Obsession

S1-Ep6 | Ardhsatya
Episode 7-The TragedyEpisode 7-The Tragedy

Episode 7-The Tragedy

S1-Ep7 | Ardhsatya
Episode 8-The Sleepless NightEpisode 8-The Sleepless Night

Episode 8-The Sleepless Night

S1-Ep8 | Ardhsatya
Episode 9-The VictimEpisode 9-The Victim

Episode 9-The Victim

S1-Ep9 | Ardhsatya
Episode 10-The FightEpisode 10-The Fight

Episode 10-The Fight

S1-Ep10 | Ardhsatya
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