Frequently Asked Questions

About Watcho

What do I get with Watcho?

Enjoy unlimited streaming of new-age content; from original series, short films, celebrity collaborations to infotainment videos. You can register for FREE with your mobile number, email ID, Social login, and use additional features such as "Add to Watchlist", "Follow", "Share", etc. You can also upload your own videos and build a fan following on the app.

How to get Watcho?

You can get Watcho by:

  1. Downloading Watcho App from Google Playstore or App Store
  2. Website is Coming Soon. You can visit the same to register for updates on email and mobile.

Is the streaming free?

We have a wide catalogue of premium web series, short films, movies, spotlight series, that we are giving for you to watch completely free as a part of Watcho Introductory Access Program. You just need to register once and you can benefit from all features and our original and filler video content anytime anywhere.

What content do you have?

  • Live TV channels
  • Original Web Series.
  • Digital Influencer Shows- Fashion, Lifestyle, Comedy
  • Regional films & dramas
  • Inspiring & Captivating Real Stories from India
  • Create your own user profile with customised Playlist

Do I have to pay to watch content?

As our valued 'first' customers, we are giving you access to all the video on demand content such as web series, short films, movies, spotlight series, free of cost for the first few months. You only need to login to watch the premium catalogue. You will not be asked for any credit card/debit card information.

How many Live Channels do you have? Can I watch all my LiveTV channels that I see on DishTV/D2H set-top-box on Watcho?

Watcho is still very young and we are working to add more and more channels on Watcho for you to watch. LiveTV channels are only available to DishTV and D2H customers. Also not all Live TV Channels are available as of now. Select channels are available for you to watch based on your set-top-box pack. To view Live TV, you need to login through your DishTV/D2H RMN (registered mobile number). Also you can visit the Live TV page on the app to see the list of channels and programs available to watch.

Can I watch catchup content?

Yes, we have select catch-up programs for you to watch. We are adding more channels and programs for you to watch. Stay tuned to Watcho to know more.

Can I watch videos offline?

We are working to add new features in the app to make your experience better continuously. Download offline will be available soon so that you can download and watch any video on the go at your convenience.

How do I know what Content I have to pay for?

You can see the paid content marked with 'Premium' tag on the thumbnail.

I am an existing dittoTV member. Can I log in to Watcho app or website under the same account?

We are working to add new features in the app to make your experience better continuously. Download offline will be available soon so that you can download and watch any video on the go at your convenience.

I am an existing dittoTV member. Can I log in to Watcho app or website under the same account?

No, Watcho is a completely separate app and there is no link to DittoTV. You can easily register for a new account for free on Watcho to get started and watch the catalogue of content.

Can I save a list of movies and shows to watch later?

Yes, you can add content to watch-list from the video or the series page. For adding to watchlist, you have to login first. You can access all the content added to watch-list from the 'My Watchlist' section in the Menu under 'More' tab.

You can also follow series and other people to get relevant updates when new videos are added to that series or by that creator.

I am not able to play any content. Need help!

If you are not able to play any content, check the following:

  1. Is your internet connection working at a good speed
  2. Log out and close the app. Then, reopen the app and log in to your account.
  3. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Can I change the video quality?

While we offer adaptive quality setting that sets the most suitable quality of the video based on your network speed, you can also change the setting manually from the video player or from Settings menu under the 'More' tab.

Can I watch Watcho on my Smart TV?

You can watch video on Watcho using a streaming device such as Google Chromecast. We plan to support more smart TV apps in near future. Stay tuned to Watcho for updates.

Watcho Premium

What is Watcho Premium?

Watcho Premium is a membership service for our committed customers in which we offer access to our premium catalogue of titles in web series, short films, movies, spotlight series and more. This membership is available for a fee, however as a part of the Watcho's Introductory Access Program, we are providing our early customers a free membership for the first few months.

Our free content is available to all users without the membership.

What videos are available in the premium catalogue?

Our premium videos and series are marked with a Premium tag on the image for you to easily identify which content is paid and which is free.

Is this service available outside India?

This service is only available in India for now.

How can I get access to the Watcho Introductory Access Program?

All you need to do is register on the app using email ID, mobile number or social sign-in, or login through your DishTV/D2H registered mobile number. Once you log-in, you will be enrolled as a member with access to all the premium content.

How long is the membership valid?

The free membership is valid as long as the program runs. After the program you can purchase a monthly, a half-yearly or a yearly pack which grants you access to the premium content for that duration.

Managing Your Account

How do I access my Account?

You need to login in the app from the menu under 'More' tab. You can then access your profile, your application settings and other features such as watch-list, following, video uploads, etc.

I have forgotten my password. How can I change/recover it?

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page, and submit your mobile number or your email address. A password reset link will be sent to your registered id to change your password.

I already have an account on Watcho. Why am I unable to sign in with the same?

  1. You May Be Entering An Incorrect Password.
  2. You May Have Made A Typo In Your Email Address When You Signed Up.

Service Usage Issues

Video is playing really slow/I am facing video playback issues. What do I do?

If you are facing video playback issues:

  1. Check if your network connection is active and running with a good speed.
  2. Check if you are getting any error message:
    • If you are not able to play premium content, check if you are logged-in
    • Check if you are getting any concurrent streaming message. As a security mechanism, sometimes we do not allow content play if there are many devices using the same account. You can see the list of devices using your account from 'Device Management' under Settings menu in the 'More' tab.
    • If you are not able to play Live TV programs, check if you are logged in with your DishTV/D2H registered mobile number and have access to the same channel on your set-top-box. You can only watch those Live TV channels which you can watch on your set-top-box and are available on Watcho.
    • Check if you have any VPN or a proxy-controller installed in the browser. Content is protected through a DRM and does not play through a VPN.
  3. If the video is still not playing, please restart the app and try again.

Why am I getting an error saying content not available in my region?

Geographical restrictions apply for streaming content outside India. Currently all our content is available only to watch in India.:

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